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Fee Information

Early Years Education (EYE) Funding

The Early Years Education funding is provided by Hampshire County Council and is available to all children in the term following their 3rd birthday. The funding available is a maximum of 15 hours per week.

There is also a 2 Year Old Early Years Education scheme. This scheme allows eligible children to receive free early education from the term after their second birthday. You can visit www.hants.gov.uk/eye to check eligibility and details of how to claim.

Children who are not yet eligible for Government funding or who attend over and above the 15 funded hours will be charged at our hourly rate – please contact us for further information.

Payment of fees
Each term you will receive an invoice which is payable by the end of each term.  We offer a variety of ways to pay your invoice and we are happy to accept cheques, cash, workplace nursery vouchers or internet banking.

Nursery Vouchers

We are happy to accept Nursery Vouchers provided by your employer.  We are already registered with several different providers  – please ask for details.